What’s a wet willy?

After Saturday’s ten miles we took off for the beach. What a great day! Some of my favorite things and some of my favorite people!

After almost 5 hours to go not very far, we arrived to the beach. So pretty. We had a bit of a late start. I was a bit optimistic about how long ten miles would take so we headed out about half an hour later than planned. And then traffic was just crazy. And it rained on the way there so we were a bit worried but it stopped raining just as we arrived and ended up being perfect!
We sat down and within about a minute saw dolphins! For real! Good eyes, Emily! So cool! We were wondering if they would play with us if we swam out there to meet them but decided not to try.
We all had some quality reading time. I took a nap while Emily and Sijin got knocked over by a wave.
It was a great day! The sound of the ocean is the best backdrop for a nap.
20140727-103414-38054936.jpgOf course we had to get seafood before heading home. My sandwich has legs!20140727-103411-38051000.jpg

On the way home I was singing the Beatles so I decided to tell my passengers about the trip when my brother sang Jesus Christ Superstar as loud as he could and gave me wet willies every time I fell asleep. His defense was the he was saving our lives by making sure someone else in the car was awake. Sijin asked what a wet willy was. So I gave her one. She was a bit surprised.