Back to Double Digits!

Yesterday was our first double-digit run of this season and it went really well! It was a tough route that included a 1.5 mile hill followed by lots of up and down but I actually kind of like that route. The top of the giant hill is the National Cathedral, on the way back we took a picture.20140727-084814-31694217.jpg
It was a good run. We had a new woman join us and it’s always fun to get to know somebody new (and it makes the time go faster!). Before we knew it, we were 8.5 miles done and at the Mandela statue!
20140727-084813-31693298.jpgStill looking pretty good after 8.5 miles, I’d say!

We made it to the bottom of the Mass Ave hill and had somehow all blocked out the we ran down hill to get there! So up another big hill we went!

And then I got to Fleet Feet and Sijin was there waiting for me because it was BEACH TIME!