Run for SEW

I am so thrilled to announce that I am raising money for Salvadoran Enterprises for Women (SEW) along with my Marine Corps Marathon training!

Since last fall, I have been volunteering with SEW. This organization does such amazing work. Sisters Anne Marie and Marie have been involved in Salvadoran advocacy and development for decades. In 2003, SEW was started to support women to start business.

Now in its eleventh year, SEW’s impact is clear: women are empowered as successful businesswomen, they are leaders in their communities, they are experiencing more equality in their relationships. The women have support, companionship, and help from Salvadoran “promoters” longterm to ensure success. And it works. One of my favorite stories is that the daughters of women who started a SEW business were inspired by their mothers and have now started their own business.

You can read about the businesses here.

Please consider donating to SEW to help women work their way out of poverty. No amount is too small (or too big, either).

It’s hard for me to write how much this organization means to me and how excited I am to do a small part to help them. My love of El Salvador and passion for women’s empowerment combine, and the dynamic duo of Anne Marie and Marie, along with an amazing board, put so much love into their work.

Though I’ve only known Anne Marie and Marie for less than a year, they have done so much for me. Aside from countless meals, cookies, coffee and chocolate, they have been with me in my transition to funemployment, back to employment, and included me in so much of SEW’s work. They share in my joys, encourage my ideas, and they have been with me through some pretty awful days since my dad died. They push me, and the women in El Salvador, to be a better person, to think beyond my small part of the world, and to see how one person’s passion can make a difference – big or small – in the world.


Anne Marie and me at my fake-graduation dinner. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo with me, Anne Marie, and Marie.