A monument tour disguised as a run

After a week away — but still active, I really should have written about wringing sweat out my clothes after Monday’s run to Thursday’s in beautiful weather. What a huge change in weather this week! You know they say when you start talking about weather, the conversation’s over? Well, runners talk about weather a lot. And the conversation’s not over.

Today we set out for nine miles, a route to the Capitol and back. (Also, when will I ever learn the difference between capitol and capital without looking it up?!) We stopped to take one photo and it turned into a running photo shoot!

First stop, the Capitol:
And again, from the other side! I told Katya she had to duck!20140719-112108-40868640.jpg
WWII Memorial, anyone?20140719-112109-40869719.jpg
And, why not throw in the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, too?!20140719-112109-40869373.jpgPretty good sites, right? It was a great run! Good company and all the photo stops made it pretty darn relaxing even though it was nine miles long! When we started off I realized I don’t quite know how to use my watch. Oops. Katya had to help me out. She told me fixing watches is not part of her responsibilities as a pace leader!

Now I’m off to CPR certification! Happy weekend!