Training Goals

My fourth round of marathon training has begun. Fourth round, and I’ve actually completed one marathon. Here’s a recap of the previous three rounds:

  1. Training was awesome. I didn’t miss a run. I felt great. I was strong. I was ready to race. On our second to last long run before taper, I got knocked out by a stress fracture.
  2. Just a few months later I start again. It was summer. I don’t like heat. I traveled a lot. I was scared I would get reinjured. I didn’t train well. The marathon was miserable. And involved self-pity tears. Not good.
  3. Training started pretty well. I was doing all my runs. Cross training. Dad died. Didn’t run for three weeks. Half marathon instead. (But the half marathon went really well.)

So, I’m going to train like the first time and finish strong and uninjured and feel good in October! Here are my goals for training:

  1. Follow the training plan.
  2. Don’t forget sunscreen.
  3. Drink enough water.
  4. Cross train. Bike, swim, and core strength training regularly.
  5. Do yoga once a week.
  6. Don’t beat myself up for bad runs.
  7. Eat well. During heavy training weeks it’s hard to not be hangry all the time and eat everything in site. Every 34 seconds. Hopefully those are mostly nutritious things and not always entire large pizzas.
  8. Feel good at the start line.
  9. Feel accomplished at the finish line.