3 day weekend = 4 BBQs, a run, a ride, and a fox

Wow. What a busy, fun weekend! As I write this (on Sunday evening), I’m finally sitting on the couch watching West Wing (again) and waiting for my Saga to chill.

After a great nap, we have an awesome Sizzlin’ Saturday that included lettuce that Joe grew in his garden. (He did put a burger on that bun. It wasn’t just lettuce.)
20140706-185851-68331074.jpgThis morning started out a bit earlier than most Sundays (it included an alarm!) but for good reason: a nice, easy 2 hour bike ride with a friend. But it was such a beautiful day and I was feeling good that we just kept going and 50 miles later I came home. We even saw a fox! I think that’s only the third time I’ve ever seen one! It was my longest ride ever! And I felt great! There were lots of hills but it was so fun. Maybe 50 every Sunday from now on?

I just happened to mention to my friend that I have been wanting to buy gloves and she had an extra pair so we had a pit stop at her place and I got gloves and a banana. Productive stop.

It looks like I may need to work on keeping a steady pace… :-S

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 6.54.59 PM

I got home, enjoyed Chocolate Croissant Sunday, and after doing some dishes quickly my family from Virginia showed up! BBQ #4 was underway! We had grilled beets and zucchini. I hadn’t done beets before. They were good but I thought lost some of their beetiness and I love beets so that was a bit of a negative for me. Karen brought some marinated chicken drumsticks and those grilled up very nicely. So delicious.

20140706-185852-68332070.jpgThen we had some much needed pool time. Sadly, I have not been at the pool nearly as much this year as I should be. The water was great. It wasn’t too hot outside. It wasn’t too crowded. Just very pleasant with very pleasant company.