New Watch

A couple weeks ago I bought myself a new watch. After more than a year fighting with my Nike, I finally gave into temptation and bought a Garmin. I love it. I still haven’t used it much but I’m so happy about it!

Have you ever read reviews on DCRainMaker? They’re kind of insane. Like thousands of words long insane, but they’re very good. He did one of my Garmin that you can read if you’re interested (or in the market) but notice that this review was written almost four years ago so some things have changed.

What I love about it so far:

  • Getting it set up was so easy! I turned it on, selected English, and stood outside while it found satellites. It set the time all on its own after that!
  • It finds satellites much faster than the Nike (which has a TomTom GPS).
  • It shows pace or speed so it can easily be used running and biking.
  • Garmin Connect is awesome! It has so much more information that the Nike Plus site. It also has training plans that can be heart rate based or not and are easily tailorable. Since I’m currently training with a running group, I won’t use one now but I’ll probably consult one for my next tri.
  • The heart rate monitor is pretty fun! I’ve worn it running and biking and it’s interesting to see the data on Garmin Connect. I think it will be really interesting to watch heart rate/pace/distance and how they change together, especially during marathon training!

What I don’t love so far:

  • The buttons are in different places than the Nike and there are more of them so I need to get used to it and figure out what they all do! As anyone who knows me well will tell you, I get set into routines and am a slow adjuster so remembering to hit a different button for stopping and starting will take awhile. (I still don’t know where the silverware is in my apartment after 11 months because, while the kitchen looks the same, the silverware is kept in a different place than my last apartment.)
  • It doesn’t auto-start/stop when I start and stop (like at stop lights).