Monthly Archive: July, 2014

The Journey to Less Meat

This will probably come as a surprise to many people, but I’m intentionally trying to eat less meat these days. The woman who drools at the thought of a big juicy steak, thinks… Continue reading

What’s a wet willy?

After Saturday’s ten miles we took off for the beach. What a great day! Some of my favorite things and some of my favorite people! After almost 5 hours to go not very… Continue reading

Back to Double Digits!

Yesterday was our first double-digit run of this season and it went really well! It was a tough route that included a 1.5 mile hill followed by lots of up and down but… Continue reading

Nice rainy surprise this morning

I’ve been disappointed this week that it’s dark when I wake up. How did this start happening so quickly?! Even more disappointing is opening the door and realizing that, even though it’s dark,… Continue reading

Run for SEW

I am so thrilled to announce that I am raising money for Salvadoran Enterprises for Women (SEW) along with my Marine Corps Marathon training! Since last fall, I have been volunteering with SEW. This organization does… Continue reading

A monument tour disguised as a run

After a week away — but still active, I really should have written about wringing sweat out my clothes after Monday’s run to Thursday’s in beautiful weather. What a huge change in weather… Continue reading

8 miles and a random post

Hello! Happy Saturday! I write this from bed where I’m drinking coffee and convincing myself that spending hours in bed after a run is acceptable. Today’s run was eight miles and, while insanely… Continue reading

Training Goals

My fourth round of marathon training has begun. Fourth round, and I’ve actually completed one marathon. Here’s a recap of the previous three rounds: Training was awesome. I didn’t miss a run. I… Continue reading

3 day weekend = 4 BBQs, a run, a ride, and a fox

Wow. What a busy, fun weekend! As I write this (on Sunday evening), I’m finally sitting on the couch watching West Wing (again) and waiting for my Saga to chill. After a great… Continue reading

“long” run #2

I’m home relaxing on the couch after our second “long” run of Marine Corps Marathon training. The quotes are because the run was seven miles. And that was long enough for July 5th. About… Continue reading

New Watch

A couple weeks ago I bought myself a new watch. After more than a year fighting with my Nike, I finally gave into temptation and bought a Garmin. I love it. I still… Continue reading