Solo Sizzlin’ and a Bike Ride

I had to do Sizzlin’ Saturday on my own this weekend as other members of the usual crew were out of town or otherwise occupied. I considered not grilling but, really, what would a Saturday night be otherwise? So I made a great salad with all sorts of greens (even disguising some baby kale in a way that I would eat it), and a pizza!

20140629-081616-29776070.jpgThe pizza was pretty good but my technique needs some perfecting. I read on some blog a couple weeks ago that the key to grill pizza is to use a really hot grill, put the crust on, let it cook a couple minutes, then flip it and put the toppings on. So I tried that. It cooks FAST. I put mozzarella, zucchini, and mushrooms on with a bit of oregano and it was delicious. The crust was a bit doughy so I probably should have left it on a bit more, the mozzarella melted a little too fast and was really runny so a harder cheese might be a better option. I pre-grilled the zucchini but not the mushrooms. I ended up post-grilling the mushrooms and throwing those on after.

Of course, I followed it up with a s’more.

Sunday was a very active day! I was hoping to swim first thing in the morning but it seems that the LA Fitness pool is still closed and it was too early to swim in our outdoor pool. So instead I did Jillian Michaels’ Six Week Six Pack. I’ve written about my feelings about Jillian’s workouts before. They are pretty darn challenging. Today was no different. I’ve been neglecting core work recently and am trying to get back into doing it regularly.

Then I met Katya for a bike ride:


I helped Katya buy a bike a couple weeks ago so this was the first longer ride she’s done. I, mistakenly, thought it would be a short ride. I ended up doing 40 miles!


Isn’t this pretty?! (if a bit blurry) We rode on some trails in Rock Creek Park that I’ve not been on before and it was really pretty and there weren’t many other people a lot of the time. But we did see deer! Sadly, my pictures of the deer are pretty terrible.

The ride was great! I’m really enjoying being on my bike. Sometimes it takes me awhile to get motivation to go out but I always am happy I did. I was definitely feeling a run Saturday, Jillian workout Sunday morning, and 40 mile bike ride by the end of the day!