5 miles = gone for 4.5 hours?

Today is the first official day of Marine Corps Marathon training! I’m quite excited and determined to train well. We had an easy five mile run to the White House and back to start out. My pace leader this round of training is Katya! Since we always run together anyway, it’s just about perfect. It seems like we have a good group, some old friends and a couple new people, too!

After the run we headed over to Tryst for breakfast and coffee. We had a pretty big group and it’s always fun to spend time with other runners who are faster than me! We all love running, so of course we should all be friends!
So why was I gone 4.5 hours for a 5 mile run you may be wonder? Well, I have some work I need to do this weekend and I, immediately after emailing my boss to tell him I’d be finishing something over the weekend, closed my computer and left the office without it! Oops. So I had to go to my office and pick up my computer (and now, lucky reader, you are enjoying the fruits of my office-going labor).

And, of course, no Saturday morning would be complete without a trip to the farmers’ market! It was crazy today! Beautiful day, lots of vendors, geez louise it was crowded! I, somehow, kept myself from buying bacon. Not really sure how, but I came home bacon-free.

Now, what to do today? I think I’ll just hang out and relax and not do anything even remotely exciting.