I LOVE Strawberries! And my new Garmin.

I love strawberries. So much. Definitely my favorite fruit. Probably pretty high on my list of favorite foods, too. Unfortunately, strawberries – like most fruit – give me a stomach ache. So what to do when it’s strawberry season? SCIENCE. Sort of.
When foods have more glucose than fructose, they don’t bother me. So, I just have to add glucose to the strawberries. I’ve made a pie and replaced the sugar with glucose. I made jam, strawberry shortcake, strawberries and cream biscuits, and a strawberry cocktail (poorly photographed below).

Sadly, strawberry season is really short! I’ve been busy the last couple weekends so I was planning to make jam this weekend. I got to the market yesterday and all the strawberries had been replaced with cherries! Luckily I found one last vendor that had strawberries…and I bought 8 pints. I guess now I have to wait until next year…when maybe I will try to freeze them!
Oh wait, this is a fitness blog, right? Oh yeah, I went on a bike ride today too. I was hoping to do a longer ride but then today didn’t have much motivation so I went for a short, fastish ride. My legs are still a bit sore partly from the tri last weekend and partly from yesterday’s Power Core class. Lots of squats and lunges happened.

I did the ride with my new Garmin! I’ve been pretty unhappy with my Nike GPS watch and have been wanting a Garmin for a long time so I finally just did it a couple weeks ago but haven’t been able to use it yet! It came with a heart rate monitor and I wore that on the run. It was really fun to plug it in and see all of the data! It’s much more accessible and complete than the Nike data. I’m really excited to play around with it more and see how having a heart rate monitor impacts my training!