Final Stroga Review

7Since I don’t have pictures of the class. Why not a couple from last week’s tri?

Why is this the final Stroga review? Because I used up my Groupon. When it first started, I was going a couple times a week for a bit but then my schedule started filling up and I just barely managed to get my tenth class in today…the day it expired!

I started the morning at Power Core and really liked it! It was one of the better classes I’ve done there. It was definitely challenging and I felt like I was working hard. It’s a good class for mixed levels of participants because many of the exercises are customizable.

For a big chunk of the class we had to work with a partner. Mine was…Hannah! We did fun things like burpees with a medicine ball. That was sarcasm. If there were two exercises I would never ever do without an instructor or trainer telling me to they are burpess and mountain climbers. Just no.

I wish I had been able to try this class out before. I really liked it and would definitely go again if I didn’t have to pay so much for it. It has been on my radar since I bought the Groupon but my schedule has never allowed me to go!

Then I spent the day doing fun things like making jam, doing way more dishes than I understand possible, and go to the dry cleaners. Fun, right?It’s actually been a quite enjoyable day. It’s the first time in quite awhile I haven’t had a fully scheduled weekend!