Rev3 Williamsburg: After Part II

The triathlon was a lot of fun! The day started really early. My alarm went off at 4:45. Luckily I was nervous enough that I would oversleep that I shot up as soon as my alarm went off. I put everything together and completely cleaned out the room — except for my lunch — because I was worried I wouldn’t get back on time and would be charged for a half day. After the race, I called the hotel (before 11) and said I’d like an extra hour. I got to my room at 11:04 and they’d already cleaned it! Not only that, but they’d taken my left-overs from Saturday night which were supposed to be my lunch. I went to T2/the finish line and dropped off my things there, then jumped on the shuttle over to T1/the start. The shuttle was about 20 minutes and the talk on the bus made me think about things I would never think about: one woman was talking about making sure her bike was set to the perfect gear to start out. Of course, that makes sense. And is way more forethought than I put into this. I mean, I made sure my tires were pumped up but that’s about it. photo 1 (1) So here goes: The swim:

  • There were fives waves: 2 for men, 2 for women, and a wetsuit wave.
  • The water was really warm, I believe I heard 81 degrees, which was warmer than the air. However, it was a gross river and was too brown to see anything. It was also really shallow for almost half of it, probably less than 3.5 feet.
  • I ended up doing breast stroke for pretty much the whole thing because the water was so dark that I didn’t think there was any way I’d swim in the right direction otherwise.
  • I passed some men — who started 4 and 8 minutes ahead of us, but was passed by a few women who started 4 minutes behind us.
  • The finish was straight into the sun, so if the kayakers hadn’t told us to change direction, who knows how far we would have gone. As it was, I’m sure was all did 50-100 extra meters.
  • The transition was okay — it was pretty far from the water to the bikes so it took quite awhile. Luckily they’d put rugs down over the dirt so it wasn’t too muddy. By the time I got to my bike, I think I got going pretty quickly.

The bike:

  • It took me awhile to get into a rhythm. The first few miles were really flat but then it went into lots of rolling hills. None were very big, but it was lots of up and down.
  • I was REALLY confused about why really fast men were passing me around mile 10…I didn’t realize we did a loop twice. Then it made sense. The second loop seemed to go by much faster.
  • I had a major hot spot on my right foot. I had the cleat on my right shoe moved last week so that may have been why.

The run:

  • It was about 2/3 trail. I wasn’t expecting that — though I’m sure that information was available. I’m not very comfortable with trail running. It was mostly a gravel path and was well maintained, but was far from smooth.
  • The route was a 5k loop that was done twice. On the second loop, I ran next to a woman for about half of it. We didn’t say much, just stayed together. When we came out of the woods she thanked me for pushing her through and making her finish faster. Funny, I thought she was pushing me to run faster.

The finish:

  • Amazing.
  • I crossed the finish line and the first person handed me a bottle of water and a bottle of Gatorade. The next person put a towel that was soaked in ice water over me while another person took my timing band off. Another person handed me a visor and medal. Then my finisher photo was taken. This all took about 40 seconds.
  • There was a buffet! I didn’t partake because I thought I’d be able to make it back to the hotel to shower before noon.
  • Then I started walking to the car to leave…without my bike. Oops. I went back and got it!

Overall, what went well:

  • I felt pretty good the whole time. I think I paced myself pretty well and I was happy at the finish.
  • The race was really well organized. I was really impressed by everything: the traffic was really well controlled and the officers were super friendly and encouraging, they were at every intersection. When I got to the finish, my things from T1 were already there. The routes were very clearly marked, the volunteers and staff were helpful.
  • I had fun! I wanted to do it again right away. Usually it takes at least a few hours before I want to do a race again.
  • I didn’t take a break. I pedaled the whole time and ran the whole time taking only two really short breaks that were about half the length of water stations in order to drink better.
  • It was really pretty. The ride was on tree lined roads, the run was through the woods. Except for the finish area (which was a big parking lot), the rest was really really pretty.

What didn’t go well:

  • The hotel was a pain. Getting to and from Williamsburg was a pain.
  • I could have trained better.
  • I need to be better hydrated. This has been something I’ve been struggling with since I started working again, I just can’t seem to drink enough.
  • I didn’t eat enough before the race. I meant to pick up a bagel yesterday but didn’t. I had a banana and a pack of jelly beans but I wish I had more. I was needing more by the end of the bike. Luckily I had it at T2.