Rev3 Williamsburg: After

photo 2 (1)Alternate title: I hope when I’m 67 I can pass people 40 years younger than me in triathlons.

Today’s race was fantastic. I had so much fun! I think I may make triathlon my thing now. I definitely thought it was better than a half marathon. Can you tell I liked it?!

Saturday did not go as planned. I thought I’d have a lazy morning, get moving, run some errands, head out, have plenty of time. Be relaxed all day. I packed and had coffee in a nice, slow, easy way. Then I headed to the farmers’ market. I thought I’d bike but then decided to drive to save time. Picked up our veggies and my meat. I came back and loaded the car and headed to some friends’ house to drop off some meat — our freezer is too full so they are kind enough to loan me freezer space! But on the way, I realized I didn’t have a phone charger!

After returning home to get my charger (which somehow added 40 minutes to leaving…I’m not sure how that math works), I was on my way! It was still 11:00 so I had five hours. Easy peasy. It’s only 170 mils away. That should be fine.

Well, I knew there was a Banana Republic outlet along the way and, since I had 5 hours, I decided I could stop. I’m still building my work wardrobe. I was in an out of there in about 20 minutes but wanted lunch. I’d never been to Bobby’s Burger Palace, so why not try it out? It took almost half an hour for a to go order! So then it getting close to 1:00 but I still had three hours so no problem. Until it took me an hour to drive 10 minutes. And then all the crazy traffic was making me sleepy so I had to stop for a bit. There was a Steak – n – Shake right off the interstate, so I thought I’d grab a shake. That took 15 minutes for them to make!

It was getting to be clear that I was going to miss the 4:00 mandatory athlete briefing which made me nervous because 1) I didn’t know how mandatory it was and 2) this was my first official tri so I wanted as much information as I could get. Instead, I arrived at 4:30 and couldn’t figure out where to go. When I got to the check-in place, I seemingly had no words, I made a funny joke to the timer guy and he apparently doesn’t have a sense of humor. It was all okay though, none of those were really problems, more like annoyances and I was exhausted!

I took my bike to T1 and set up, then checked out the set-up. The transition was quite a ways from the water. Maybe even a quarter mile.

I was so tired all I wanted to do was go to sleep but I knew that would be a terrible idea. I clearly needed to eat. I checked into the hotel and asked about a late check-out (I didn’t think I’d be back by 11:00 and I really wanted to shower before driving home). The guy told me that noon was the latest I could do and otherwise I’d be charged a half day rate. Seriously? Just ask the cleaners to do my room toward the end. Not difficult. Not an option. Oh well.

I took myself out to dinner, read a book on my iPad and enjoyed the quiet stillness with myself. Then I went back to the hotel, gave myself some new tats, packed my transition bags, tried to visualize the race, set my alarm for 4:45 (I’m hoping this makes tomorrow’s 5:20 alarm easier) and fell asleep before 9:00. I wish I could do that every night.