Rev3 Williamsburg: Before

This morning I’m packing up my things (hopefully all of them) to head to Williamsburg for my first Olympic distance triathlon. I’m very excited and pretty darn nervous.

I was doing a pretty decent job training before I started working. Decent because I was working out a lot so I was definitely fit but not good because I wasn’t very precise with what I was doing. Most days I just kinda did what I felt like that day instead of triathlon-specific workout.

I know I can easily swim 1500 meters, bike 25 miles, and run a 10k. But can I do them all together? Hmmm…A few weeks ago I did a 26 mile ride followed by a 4.5 mile run and felt pretty strong so I’m being optimistic. Ideally, I would have done the ride-run many times by now but it hasn’t been possible.

What I am most excited about:

  • This is a new event for me! I did a tri last year but it wasn’t standard – all the distances were made up. I didn’t train well for it because I was still paranoid coming off of my injury and I had not spent much time on my bike. But it was still fun!
  • Though it will definitely take a lot longer than a half marathon, I’m curious to see how it feels while doing it. I think it will feel shorter because of the variety. Maybe?

What I am most nervous about:

  • The run…when I’ve told friends this they are surprised. “You could do a 10k in your sleep” has been said more than once. I can pretty easily do a 10k. However, I’ve not done one after biking and swimming. What if I get excited on the bike and go too fast and then there’s not any more juice in my legs?
  • Forgetting something. I worry about this packing for a half marathon or marathon…but I have three times the sports to pack for this time! Three times the opportunity to forget something! I searched for tri checklists. Those things are crazy long. There’s no way I need everything on those lists, but it will definitely be hard to forget something if I use one.
  • What if I run of our fuel? I mean, this is sorta silly and part of packing. I already packed plenty of energy chews.
  • Should I use my new watch? I just (finally) bought myself a Garmin. I was just too unhappy with my Nike but I haven’t used it at all. The races I’ve run without a watch have been my best so I’m not sure how helpful it would be. But I haven’t nothing to compare to since this is my first!
  • I haven’t worn my top before…I know, this could potentially be a huge mistake. But my pool has been closed for three weeks and I didn’t see that warning early enough to try it out.
I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something.

I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting something.