Working and Working Out

I realize many many people work exercise into their busy schedules and it’s not that impressive. My transition back to working has been challenging for lots of reasons, but the one that I’m noticing the most is less time to exercise. From January until the end of April, I had 3 hours worth of commitments per week. So I did about 10 workouts per week.


Going from basically nothing on my schedule to being gone 12-13 hours a day for work has been a huge change, obviously. I was hopeful that I could do morning workouts and then come home from work and run. Insert laugh here. Pretty much all I do when I come home is wash my face and go to bed. I know people with young children who train for marathons and other endurance events. How do they do it?!

I have a triathlon in 2.5 weeks that I was super pumped for. I was working out a lot and was pretty confident I’d be well prepared. I have my doubts now. I’m hardly running at all. Running at 5:30 am makes me nervous so I’ve been spinning and swimming in the mornings during the week and only running on weekends. I know I’ll finish it, but it may not be very much fun.

For now, going to be at 9:15 and waking up at 5:20 for a morning work out is about all I can handle. I know eventually I’ll get settled and have a better routine, be less tired, and have more energy. Hopefully before marathon training starts again!