I love my bike.

photo 3
Oh Monday. Holiday. Weekends are so much better now that I have a job. Especially three day weekends.

I did a short-ish ride today and I was so happy the whole time. My legs were a bit sore from Saturday’s bike-run so I did about 20 miles but I loved it! Even the part where I broke my water bottle and a few miles later almost hit someone who swerved almost too much for seemingly no reason.
photo 4
Then I jumped in the pool! Not to swim, just to cool down and float on a noodle.

The bike ride was a good way to close the weekend. Overall the weekend was great. My uncle was in town to sing in the National Memorial Day Choral Festival at the Kennedy Center so I spent some time with him and we had a good time. Great dinner. Good conversation.

And, how about a picture of Sizzlin’ Saturday? Can you think of a better way to end the day than with a s’more, friends, and a cold IPA? Didn’t think so.

photo 1