Is this the first time you’ve carried half a wheel of gouda on your bike?

Yes. Yes it is. Thanks for asking, Jurgen. The Christmas cheese wheel was so awesome, we just had to get another! I picked it up this morning, along with our CSA, a ton of other groceries, and my clothes from the tailor. All on my bike. I really should have taken a picture. Oops.


After a couple busy weeks, I was able to finally breathe a bit today. But, don’t worry, I’ve still been working out! Here are some highlights:

Last Saturday I did my first (sort of) bike/run brick. I say sort of because I think I did a couple last summer, but I really can’t remember them. And also because the run of last week was kind of silly. I really didn’t want to do it, but knew I should, so I just did two miles. But the bike ride was fantastic! I met a friend I haven’t seen since a ride last fall and we did just short of 30 miles and I felt great! The run was tough, mostly because I hadn’t really eaten and I was a bit dehydrated.

Sunday was the Girls on the Run 5k! I was really disappointed I wasn’t able to be there much the last few weeks. I did go last Thursday and forgot to take snack. Boy were those girls disappointed. They also asked why I was wearing make-up several times. The 5k was fun. There were 5000 participants! That’s a pretty big race! I ran with two girls that I’d run with in a lot of the practices and they did great. It’s always fun to see them grow into runners, they definitely had me working to keep up a couple times during the 5k!

This week I got bad news: the pool at my gym is going to be closed starting May 25 for 2-3 weeks. Don’t they know I have a triathlon on June 15?! Luckily the pool at my apartment complex opened today so maybe I can swim down there in the evenings…though I’m not usually home in time. Do you think anyone will notice if I climb the fence to swim at 5:30 am?

Today I did another brick and have already taken my post work-out nap. What’s better than that? I did a little more than 20 miles on my bike (with some pretty good hills!) and then followed it with a 4 mile hilly run. I felt pretty good at the end. Tired, but like I had more in me. It definitely calmed my nerves a bit about being prepared for the race.

Now, time for another Sizzlin’ Saturday!