couches, family, commencement, bike ride, oh boy!

Boy oh boy has it been a busy couple weeks! Every day I think “I need to post” and it just hasn’t happened.

Here are some highlights:

  1. We got new furniture! Emily and I made a pretty good team of dividing and conquering responsibilities one night — we somehow managed to pick up caps and gowns, grocery shop, clean the apartment and pick up the couch. (Hint: I was responsible one of those things, hooray for great roommates…)2014-05-07 21.08.21
  2. Emily’s mom, my mom and August came to celebrate graduation. Emily is now a Master. I will one day in the not so distant future be a Master.2014-05-10 18.20.06
  3. Commencement was followed by an awesome dinner at Founding Farmers with lots of great people.10355588_10154218378145657_401419907152530688_o 10258249_10154218380030657_5368882545720202319_ophoto-4 10348662_10154218374040657_3991828563828902825_o
  4. And then we came home and had champagne and I fell asleep on the couch while the others continued being awesome. Sorry, no photos of me sleeping (that I’m aware of).
  5. Sunday started off with an “easy does it brunch.” To be  clear: this is not an easy brunch. But it was awesome. Thanks, Katya, for making one of these dishes before and for sharing the recipe.10344418_10154218372195657_2676692719211447275_o
  6. Then we enjoyed it on the porch with mimosas and mothers. It was mothers’ day after all.
  7. In the afternoon, my mom and I set out on a bike ride through the park. It was a great day and there were lots of people out.2014-05-11 17.00.28
  8. Then we ate more cake.