47 mile bike ride

I bought a road bike last year with big plans to start doing regular long rides. And then summer was crazy, I moved (twice, sort of), I was traveling a lot, and I really wasn’t able to ride much. I really hope this summer is different!

On Saturday, my grad program was going to have a bike ride so a friend who lives nearby ask if I wanted to ride to the ride, do the ride, and then ride home. Sounded like a lot of riding but didn’t take much convincing to get me to say yes. But then the ride was canceled!

So, of course, we did our own ride. Luckily John planned the route and logistics and I just went along for the ride. (See what I did there?) It was fun. I think it’s the longest ride I’ve ever done so I felt pretty awesome! All the indoor cycling classes I’ve done clearly paid off!

We stopped for lunch along the way and I had a sandwich from Safeway that was really not very good. I woke up from post-ride nap feeling as fructose-sick as I think I’ve ever felt. It was a long, unpleasant afternoon/evening. I’m blaming the Safeway sandwich and dehydration. Luckily I woke up Sunday feeling quite a bit better. Not 100% so it was a slow fuzzy day but much better than I felt when I went to bed.

It was a lot of fun and I hope to do long rides weekly, that might be a bit optimistic but I think I can do it most weeks! Always looking for riding partners…