Finally: The race review I know you’ve been waiting for!

So, big news in my life: I got a job! Not only did I get a job, but it’s awesome and I started the day it was offered to me. Needless to say, the last ten days have been a bit hectic so I have neglected the blog. I’ve also been disappointed about my race last weekend so I was putting off writing about it.

My time was 12:15 slower than my Virginia Beach Half Marathon time. While I don’t care all that much about time usually, this is a huge difference! That’s almost a minute per mile slower, and I felt like I ran a lot harder.

This was also the first time I’ve raced from home. I did Detroit while living in Ann Arbor, but that still required getting up way too early and not being in my usual surroundings. I figured I’d be more familiar and comfortable this time and it would help. Nope.

I’ve done seven half marathons. Four have been within six minutes of each other. One was a lot faster and now two have been a lot slower. But the slowest I don’t count because I was coming off of injury, was wearing shoes that made my entire body hurt which led to me walking half of it, and I hadn’t trained (because I was coming off of injury).

So, what explains this? Really, I’m not sure. I’m usually a pretty good judge of my time and effort. Not last Sunday. I really thought I was going to be a bit faster than my Virginia Beach time so it was surprising and disappointing when I wasn’t.

A few things that might explain it: I ate pineapple the night before. Not much, just a couple rings, but I’m fructose intolerant and don’t usually eat any fruit the night before long runs/races.

Lots and lots of cross-training. While I thought this would help, maybe it hasn’t. I’ve been swimming and cycling as much as I’ve been running recently and while I know I’m in pretty great shape, maybe I should have been more focused on running leading up to the race.

I didn’t really eat breakfast. I know. This was dumb. But I didn’t have anything to eat. A little planning would have gone a long way. I had some Sports Beans before and during the run, but that really isn’t enough.

Oh well. There will be more races. I will be faster in other races. I may very well be slower in other races too. I think I’m learning that I’m not good at racing. I like training and I usually do pretty well in training, but I’m not so good at pushing myself while racing.