Monthly Archive: May, 2014

Working and Working Out

I realize many many people work exercise into their busy schedules and it’s not that impressive. My transition back to working has been challenging for lots of reasons, but the one that I’m… Continue reading

I love my bike.

Oh Monday. Holiday. Weekends are so much better now that I have a job. Especially three day weekends. I did a short-ish ride today and I was so happy the whole time. My… Continue reading

Is this the first time you’ve carried half a wheel of gouda on your bike?

Yes. Yes it is. Thanks for asking, Jurgen. The Christmas cheese wheel was so awesome, we just had to get another! I picked it up this morning, along with our CSA, a ton… Continue reading

couches, family, commencement, bike ride, oh boy!

Boy oh boy has it been a busy couple weeks! Every day I think “I need to post” and it just hasn’t happened. Here are some highlights: We got new furniture! Emily and… Continue reading

47 mile bike ride

I bought a road bike last year with big plans to start doing regular long rides. And then summer was crazy, I moved (twice, sort of), I was traveling a lot, and I… Continue reading

Finally: The race review I know you’ve been waiting for!

So, big news in my life: I got a job! Not only did I get a job, but it’s awesome and I started the day it was offered to me. Needless to say,… Continue reading