Busy week/random post

What?! It’s been almost a week since I posted? Oops!

Last weekend was going to be nice and relaxing but instead all sorts of things happened! It started with an easy 8 miles that led to a wide variety of conversation topics (maybe our most diverse yet despite being a relatively short run!). I sold my Roomba and couches, then went to buy new couches (yeah, yeah, that’s backwards, I know) and they said the couch I want won’t be ready til mid-May! What? I thought it would be next week. Ugh. Now they’ve called and said June third. Boy oh boy.

But the best part of Saturday was the farmers market! Saturday was the first day to pick up our CSA. So exciting. I was just about giddy. And I talked to the cheese guy and he said they will now sell wheels of cheese ALL THE TIME. I used some of the cheese Saturday night when inaugurating our new awesome grill! This spring/summer/fall/(winter?) is going to be awesome!

Sunday. Easter Sunday. My favorite holiday. I started the day off with a cold swim. After church, I headed to Katya’s house where she had prepared a somewhat traditional British Sunday meal for us. It was so delicious: lamb with gravy and mint sauce, potato gratin with goat cheese, puddings, all of it was great. With even better conversation and a great play list (my only contribution to the meal).

I had a paper due yesterday so the first couple days of this weeks have been consumed by finishing that. I did manage to run on Monday and swim on Tuesday, but both were pretty short workouts. Oh yeah — because it’s taper time! I’m doing a half marathon Sunday so I’m doing fewer workouts this week and I’m making the workouts I’m doing a bit easier. Tapering is hard. I want to be doing mooooore!

How’s that for a random, picture-free post?