I did 2/3 of a triathlon this morning

Boy oh boy, I’m freshly back from the gym. I swam and did a spinning class this morning. I’ve been doing lots of two-a-days, but this is the first time I’ve done two in one workout. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I have lots of other things to do today so no nap.

The swim was good, I was hoping to do 1800 meters before the Aqua Fit class started and I did have time (I got out of the pool four minutes before class and only had 100 m left), but the lifeguard was taking the pool lane dividers (is there an actual name for those?) so I decided it was time to get out.

Spinning was tough. As always. Seriously. It should get easier, right? I did enjoy the class, but about every 3 seconds I checked the clock to see how much more time I had to spin. But I made it through! Phew. Good music + good instructor makes it much easier.

Overall, the swim was a tiny bit longer than the swim will be in the tri (though swimming in a pool is easier than open water so we’ll call it a draw) and spinning was an hour which is less than it will take me to ride 25 miles but I think spinning is harder than actually cycling outside so let’s call that a draw, too. I’ll consider today’s workout 2/3 of the triathlon. I say this understanding completely that it’s not really possible to compare indoor very controlled conditions to what it will actually be like the day of the race…but that’s what training is for, right?