Do laundry or buy socks?

I got ready to run yesterday and discovered I had zero socks to wear. But I found some toe socks that I wear with my Vibram Five Fingers so that’s what I did. This won’t come as a surprise to people who know me, but I’m particular about most things, including my running socks. I now only wear merino wool. And they are expensive.  So, I always have a debate with myself it I should buy more socks or do laundry more frequently. I think both is probably the appropriate answer. So I am doing laundry right now. Anyone want to come over to fold?


I had a short run in the afternoon before Girls on the Run and it was quite warm outside. I don’t like heat. Not even a little bit. I like going to the pool and the beach, but I don’t need heat for that. So, at 70 degrees, I was already dreading the coming summer. The mugginess in my apartment this morning does not bode well.

Thursday started off a bit less awesome. I spent an hour convincing myself I needed to go to the pool. I finally did, got to the gym, got all ready and got my swim cap on, then got to the door to the pool and it was closed! Rrrrg. Oh well, I’ll swim soon!