Loud little girls and three tough workouts

I got back from Chicago pretty late on Sunday night. I love being able to take the metro to the airport, I’m not so much a fan of riding it home. But oh well, I guess it’s better than driving home after a long day?

After a busy weekend, I really needed to take Monday off so I let myself sleep in a bit and did absolutely no school work or any other kind of work. Fortunately, I find working out to be quite relaxing so I went on a short-ish 4 mile run. Unfortunately, I never drink enough water while traveling so my run was super hard.

I went to Girls on the Run and, since it was raining, we had to meet inside and they had been inside all day long without outdoor recess. They were noisy, full of energy, and it would have been a great day to use that energy up with a run…if only it weren’t raining and sort of cold. One of the other coaches said to me, “this is an alcohol-inducing day.”

Instead of alcohol, I went to spinning with weights. I don’t understand how it seems to be harder every time! Boy oh boy. Another hard and sweaty workout. But it was all worth it when the instructor told me she saw how hard I was working (really, I could have worked harder, but it made me feel good!). I really love that class, but by the time I get home and eat and chill out for a couple hours, it’s pretty late!

Swimming this morning was tough because of the weights last night–my arms are still tired! But mostly because there were nine people in the pool. Nine. It’s a 25 meter, 4 lane pool. With nine people in it. If I were less stubborn, I probably would have gone home, but I really wanted to swim and wasn’t about to come back later. By the time I got out of the pool I think there were only four people in it but it was pretty darn tight for awhile.

Okay, off to attempt to be productive and work on a paper!