Hello from Chicago!

I’m in Chicago for a few days hanging out with my family, but have no fear, I’ve still been running! And I’m quite proud of that, I’m usually not so good at running when I’m on vacation.

I did 4.5 in the rain on Thursday after arriving and this morning my mom joined me for about 4.5 before I continued on my own for about 10 total. Not too bad!  We set out really early and the streets were still mostly empty but by the time I finished they were filling up with people and cars — good thing I was almost done when the rest of Chicago got going!

I promise I have a chin, even if this photo doesn't show it.

I promise I have a chin and eyeballs, even if this photo doesn’t show it.

After the run we were off to breakfast. I think from getting in to leaving again was less than half and hour. Geez louise! I don’t think I’ve ever had that fast of a turn around. After walking a few blocks, I remembered why I usually take a few hours off after running. My feet wanted a break! Luckily nap time came soon enough.

Now, off to find some lunch!