Is it possible I was more wet after spinning than after swimming?

Yesterday, I did two workouts. I woke up and headed straight for the pool. Got in 1600 m and felt great. Sore arms, but good. That’s three days out of four that I’ve been in the pool. My goal is three days a week so I’m feeling good about getting three days in before spending the weekend in Chicago.

Then, in the evening, I went to Stroga for Spinning with Weights. That class is so good and so hard. I’ve done it three times now and I plan to go back a few more times while I am still working through my ten classes. I’m pretty sure I was more soaked in sweat at the end than I was soaked in water after my swim. I seriously don’t know how sweating that much is possible. I feel bad for the people who sat next to me on the bus.

The class is 45 intense minutes long. Lisa, the instructor, is fantastic. She’s very friendly, introduces herself to new people before class, and is super helpful if someone is confused or drops their weights (which I have done). She seems to adjust the plan for the class based on who is in the class and the energy during the warmup. Apparently the class last night was awesome because it was so hard.

After turning the lights off and the music up, it starts with cycling and then weights are added in, usually after a really hard song of jumps or a ton of resistance. While continuing to cycle, we use light weights to do lots and lots of bicep curls, overhead presses, and all sorts of other things. At first it seems easy but after 30 or so reps it’s very challenging. Especially after swimming in the morning–my arms are definitely feeling that now!

I definitely recommend this class if you’re in the mood for a tough, fun class!

By the time this is posted, I’ll be hanging out in Chicago! Enjoy the rest of the week!