Sometimes I’m a bit over-enthusiastic.

My overly ambitious workout plans for yesterday had to be changed. I’m actually pretty proud of myself for not pushing forward and deciding that I was feeling like I couldn’t handle a two hour workout in the evening.

I started yesterday off with a trip to LA Fitness for yoga. It’s been awhile since I’ve done yoga there since I was working through my classes at Studio DC and then tried out a couple classes at Stroga. Oh boy, Krista made my hamstrings howl. I didn’t realize how tight I was! If you have a chance and are in Silver Spring, check our Krista’s classes–she’s great!

My plan was to bus to Girls on the Run and then run to Stroga for a Spinning with Weights class. I started out the run and within about a mile knew that I wouldn’t be able to make the 6 miles and then do the class. My hamstrings are so sore! So I ran to a nearby bus stop, rode the bus home, dropped off my stuff and headed out for a short run around home. I ended up running about 2 miles and then walking a bit to the bus, then did about 2.5 miles after I came home. Not bad, about 5 miles total with the walk.

Remember my post a week ago about over-doing it? I’m super awesome at thinking I can do more than I can so I’m really happy that I decided not to do the spinning class. Soon I’ll be in shape where I can easily do that, but that day isn’t today.

And, just to add some more to this post. I made this recipe for squash-black bean burritos over the weekend and they are delicious (even if Nanie says “that doesn’t even sound good”). It’s a vegan recipe that I made un-vegan by using real cheese (still working through that giant wheel) and adding sour cream! My plan was to get Greek Yogurt instead but Trader Joe’s was out so, oh shucks, we had to use the real thing. Darn.


I also made this awesome thing. It’s basically Tex-Mex lasagna. Crockpot enchiladas. Easy peasy. Instead of rolling them up and baking them, using tortillas, enchilada sauce, CHEESE, and  filling, it was layered in a crockpot and waiting for me when I got home!


Question: any suggestions for how to run with a backpack? I know they make backpacks for running, but I don’t want to spend a lot of money to be able to run occasionally with a bag, it would just make it much easier to get to GOTR. It would also make runs like what I had planned for today easier, because I don’t wear my running shoes for spinning class so I had to run with a second pair of shoes and water bottles!