10 solo miles to end the week

Oops. My alarm didn’t go off this morning. In a year and a half of Saturday group runs, this is the first time I’ve made this mistake! Last week I had to take the bus to run so I set an earlier alarm and turned off the regular alarm and I forgot to check it last night! So, at 8:01 when I looked at my phone, I was not happy! I texted a friend to say I didn’t wake up and was super upset because I had confirmed with her last night that I would be there.

After hunting for my fuel belt (and not finding it) for half an hour, I finally set out. The group did 11 miles today, so my goal by myself was anything more than 9. I came up with a decent (but very hilly) route and set out. But I got hungry and was feeling weak! I was planning to buy some chews before the run this morning and didn’t have anything to take with me so at 6.5 I popped into my apartment, had a handful of cereal and headed back out for 3.5 more.

It was a good, rainy, cool run. I love running in the rain. And luckily I had my Shamrock Half Marathon hat to wear! A few times during the run I realized that I was smiling! I probably looked pretty goofy. Most of my route I had run before in different segments but a couple miles was new territory so that was kind of fun.

And then I came home to conclude my 7th workout of the week and the 5th one I’ve been dripping wet from. I swam twice, did two spinning classes (holy shnikees those are intense — so much sweat), and now ran in the rain. Pretty successful week, I’d say!

Now, time to make a date with my foam roller.