Oh what a difference hydration makes.

I drink a lot of water. When I don’t drink a lot of water, I can tell. Running is REALLY hard. I feel like I weigh 700 pounds and like I’m trying to run through sand. This has been most of my runs recently. This could also be entirely in my head, but whatever. This week I’ve been much better about making sure I’m drinking water all day long (which, strangely, is easier for me when I’m really busy and not at home. hmmmm.) and my runs have been so much better. So, I have a renewed commitment to making sure I’m drinking all.day.long. (Which kind of is terrible a bit too because it means I’m peeing all day and all night long.)

How much water is the right amount of water? You know that old 8 glasses a day rule? Apparently that’s sort of made up. You know the rule that says coffee dehydrates you and you need to drink an equal amount of water to make up for it? Also made up.

I figured out (or taught myself…or got myself used to…or something) that I feel best and run best when I drink about a gallon of water a day (that’s 16 8-ounce glass of water). This is in addition to lots of coffee and whatever water comes from food. This is likely a bit excessive for many people, but I probably work out about 10 hours per week (or more) so that’s a lot of sweating that needs to be replaced (thanks for your sweaty genes, Dad). I’ve never done one of those sweat hydration tests, but mostly have just figured it out by how I feel when I’m running.

A couple other articles (out of about a gazillion) about hydration:
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How’s that for a post full of parentheses?