Oops. Too much.

I overdid it a bit this week. Oops. I just get excited! I’m very enthusiastic–kind of like a puppy. After the race Sunday, I didn’t think I really needed to take time off since I didn’t run it that fast. I did run faster than I have been, but not by much. It was, though, the longest run I’d done since the marathon I think so maybe I did need a bit more recovery time than I wanted.

I was just so excited I felt good during the race that I decided I could just keep on going…and I worked out every day this week. And Saturday morning paid the price. My allergies are INSANE right now. I think the worst they’ve ever been. I didn’t sleep much the night before because I had to blow my nose so much!

So Saturday’s run was tough. My muscles were tired and I had a sore throat and was snotty the whole time. I ended up walking a lot of it because I thought that was smarter than continuing to try to push myself as I did all week. I was actually planning to go to a spinning class after the run, but was smart enough to cancel that when my alarm went off and I realized I hadn’t slept enough.

The Saturday group now is pretty small. It’s now a group target the Nike Women’s Half in a few weeks so I think there were less than 15 people yesterday and it’s almost entirely women!

After the run came the exciting part! I finally got new running shoes! I’ve been wearing the same pair since about August, which probably isn’t all that much over what it should be considering my training since August hasn’t been quite what it should be and I haven’t put the miles on I should have, but it’s still a long time and I was definitely feeling it the last few weeks. With a birthday gift card to the running store, and another birthday gift card, I only had to pay $37 of my own money! Nothing beat $37 bright-blue-brand-spankin’-new running shoes!

Happy Chocolate Croissant Sunday!