Swimming, Running, Eating, Oh My!

First, BIG NEWS: I got into the Marine Corps Marathon! I’m so excited I could have my own personal dance party! So excited, it seems like every race I’ve been in recently has had huge obstacles in training. I’m very optimistic that training this time around will go smoothly and, even if it’s hot and I cry in a pool of my own sweat, I will do it well.

This has been a big week! I’m starting to train for my triathlon on June 15! While not being super focused in my workouts, I hadn’t been in the pool for two months until last week so I’m trying to get back into swimming shape and have already been in the pool twice this week. Yesterday when I was in the pool a woman got in and I realized that I’m pretty sure that was the first time another woman had been swimming laps. It’s not uncommon for there to be up to five other people swimming while I’m there, but I’m almost always the only woman. Why is that?! Sometimes other women will be in the pool but they’re doing other sorts of exercises, not swimming!

Unrelated: this recipe for lamb curry is amazing. Make it. It’s so good. And easy. And will make your house smell delicious. I’ve made it twice now and still haven’t been able to take a picture of it because it’s too good.

Ready for more running and swimming this week and my first bike ride of the year this weekend!