Awesome race weekend! Part 1.

Wow! What a great weekend! It started out with Thursday and Friday trips to Quarry House…my belly and my bank account say that can’t happen again for awhile. But, besides the burgers and beer, the other awesome thing about Quarry House is the graffiti in the bathroom. I’ve always wanted to take pictures but I always forget to take my phone in! This weekend, I remembered. The picture below is a new bit of graffiti since my last trip. And, because the women’s room was…well, having issues, I had the pleasure (eh…need) to use the men’s room as well so I can now say with confidence that the graffiti in the women’s room is about 452.6% better than the graffiti in the men’s room.


Then, Saturday morning I didn’t know what to do when I didn’t have to wake up early to run! I wanted to go watch some fellow Fleet Feeters do the Rock-n-Roll Marathon but the timing just didn’t work out. There were many PRs that day and a fantastic race with great weather. Instead, I went to the farmers’ market to pick up my meat. And there were bacon cheddar scones. How is that not a sign that the weekend will be awesome?

Soon, Alison and I headed to Virginia Beach. The weather was beautiful. About 70 degrees and sunny. Traffic wasn’t great and it took longer than we thought it would to get there, but we made it and picked up our race packets and walked around the expo. I was so insanely hungry I wasn’t really sure how to function.

Next stop: hotel. Looks like I did an okay job, right?


The hotel was hilarious. The kid working at the check-in desk, Steven, was probably 16. He was rosey-cheeked, shaggy-haired, and very enthusiastic. We are also fairly certain the hotel was a one-man show that day. Later in the evening we couldn’t get the door to our balcony to close, he eagerly was in our room about a minute after I called to fix it. Front desk and maintenance guy?

Then, FINALLY, off to dinner with some other Fleet Feeters. Finally. Finally. I don’t think I’ve been so hungry in years. Luckily, we had all signed up to join the restaurant’s club and had free appetizers coming! And then yummy pasta. So good. And good conversation. And a HILARIOUS server. He said awesome at least once a sentence and had funny hair. He was very enthusiastic.

Hope you all don’t mind that I included this awesome photo.


Then, early to bed for me.

Since this post is getting very long, I’ll include a race recap and other Sunday excitement tomorrow!