Why I sometimes wish I were a vegetarian.

I love meat. It is so delicious. There is not a food in the world that is more delicious than bacon. For real. I challenge you to find one. Chocolate is close. So is avocado. But nothing beats bacon. Bacon and avocado together is a heavenly combination. (But, surprisingly, I haven’t found good bacon around Silver Spring…any suggestions?)

This is how I feel about bacon:

Unfortunately, that clip is too short but I can’t find a longer one. Ted goes on to say, among other things, “I’ve finally found the one, Marshall, and her name is bacon.”

So, it’s weird for me to say that I wish I were vegetarian. Sometimes I do. I know where meat comes from. I know that we raise millions of living things in order to cut them up and eat them. I know that factory farming has led to super high emissions, spread of disease, antibiotic resistance, and many other unpleasant things, and I know my enjoyment of bacon does not outweigh the costs to myself and the world.

There is no doubt that a meat-heavy diet is worse for the environment than a meat-free diet. According to the University of Michigan, about 40% of the carbon emissions of our diets come from meat. Meat production contributes 14-22% of global greenhouse emissions. That’s a lot! So, wow, cutting out meat could really reduce my personal emissions. But bacon. Oh, the guilt!

I do other things to eat a diet that is better for the environment: eat locally, eat very few processed foods, try to eat at restaurants that used local-sourced ingredients, eat local meat that is not factory farmed and processed in giant factories, eat less meat, eat less red meat (this really pushes the local, non-factory farmed meat as so much of our country’s poultry is infected by salmonella, hormones, and overuse of antibiotics).

The other complicating factor for me is my dietary restrictions. If I stop eating meat, and I try not to (and can’t) eat much processed food, and I can’t eat fruits and some vegetables…what am I left with?