First swim in more than two months!

I was finally able to get back in the pool yesterday for the first time since the beginning of January. It felt great! Well…it felt hard but soon it will feel great.

I’m doing a half marathon on Sunday so I’m supposed to be tapering this week. I am a bit. But excited for next week to come around to be focused on training for the Rev3 Williamsburg Triathlon in June. That’s barely 3 months away! Time to get serious! Luckily the weather is warming up so it will be easier to bike outside, but I’m also planning to do some indoor cycling classes with my pass for Stroga.

Along with tapering this week, I’m trying really hard to drink more water. I used to be really good at drinking a gallon a day, but the last couple months I’ve been losing the hydration game. I broke one of my water bottles by dropping it in cold weather right onto a concrete step. Oops. So now instead of refilling my bottles three times a day, I have to fill up my bottle six times a day. Somehow that makes a huge difference in the amount of water I’m drinking. And how I feel while running. When I haven’t been drinking enough, my legs and feet hurt while running. I often times just turn around and go home because it’s painful to run. So this week I’m drinking, drinking, drinking. Water that is.