Double birthday party! …and no yoga!

This weekend was my official Rescheduled Birthday Extravaganza. It was a double whammy weekend with friends and cheesecake over at my place Saturday night. That went very late. Like 4.5 hour past my bed time late. Way late. So late. Insane. And then Sunday morning I headed off to the Drag Brunch at Perry’s with a few more friends. For some reason, the photos are having trouble uploading, so too bad.

I had every intention of going to yoga in the evening, but with the super late night, time change, and early morning, I stayed home and watched the West Wing. After a long nap, of course. I think another long nap is in order today after any early appointment this morning, too.

Speaking of yoga, there’s a new yoga studio opening on Georgia Ave later this month called Yoga Heights and they have a great deal right now. Any classes you purchase before they open (I can’t find the date, but I think it’s the last week of March) are 30% with the code YHDC30. You can get 30 days of unlimited yoga for $21 with the promotion–a GREAT deal!