Last Saturday Run of the Season!

I’ve been gearing up for a big weekend, but of course there’s only one way to kick it off: Saturday long run, of course! Since the target race for my running group is the National Rock-n-Roll Marathon next Saturday, today was our last Saturday run! I’m not doing that race, but will be doing the Shamrock Virginia Beach Half Marathon the following day.

photo (3)

Is there any therapy better than a run? I don’t think so. Sometimes it’s hard to get out, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt worse after running than before. Well, there was that time I got injured, but other than that. There was a pretty big group today, too! There were eight of us running together and often it’s just 2-4. We even have pictures to prove it!


The rest of the weekend is going to be very social and busy. I’ve rescheduled my birthday party for this weekend. It’s a two part extravaganza starting with cheesecake and fun at my apartment tonight followed by brunch tomorrow morning. Yes, there will be sleeping between there. A friend asked if we were partying until the brunch. No. Absolutely not. I would not be a pleasant person by the time brunch rolls around.

Here’s a preview. This cheesecake is amazing. And super involved. It takes several hours to make but is totally worth it. However, I’ve made it exactly three times so I usually need about 2 years to recover and make it again.

First, a look at the ingredients. Almost 2 pounds of chocolate, espresso, Kahlua, rum, heavy cream…

2014-03-07 11.15.32

The crust has chocolate cookies, dark chocolate, and maybe even espresso.

2014-03-07 11.43.18

And the ganache. Oh, this might be the best part of this cheesecake. 20 ounces of chocolate, heavy cream, and Kahlua. Mmmm. Is it time for the party yet? I’m ready to eat this!

2014-03-07 12.05.09
I’ll wait til later to share the final product, but it looks pretty tastey!

How’s the for a post full of pictures? Maybe it makes up for all of the picture-free posts? Maybe? Also, this is my fiftieth post so that’s pretty exciting!