Stroga review #2

Last night I went to the TRX and Kettlebells class at Stroga with Katya. It was tough. I spent a lot of the time thinking “I’m in pretty good shape and I’m strong. Why is this so hard?” Because I’ve only done kettlebells a couple times (and not recently) and it’s been a couple years since I did TRX, the first chunk of class was learning technique so I didn’t actually finish the workout in time!

I’ve never been to CrossFit, but know lots of people who have, and this workout seemed to be set up a lot like a CrossFit workout. There was a set list of things to do, and we did it at our own pace. Some of the things were really hard (pull-ups?! geez louise!) but others were easier (jump rope, kettlebell swings…though I probably just needed a heavier kettlebell).

The pull-ups were pretty funny. They were assisted with bands and I asked the instructor/trainer/dude to help me with it because I’d never used bands for assisted pull ups. He helped me get set up and then left and oh boy there was almost an amazingly spectacular fall at the end when I couldn’t get my foot out of the band! The next round, I realized one of the other bars was lower and may be an easier location for me…it was!

Overall it was a great work-out. It was really hard, but I’m surprisingly not too sore today. And it was easier than the yoga class I did there. Okay, my triceps are sore and I can’t really lift my arms over my head but otherwise I’m not sore. The instructor was helpful, encouraging, and seemed to know what he was doing. There were all levels of people in the class. I would definitely go again. Next time, maybe I’ll finish the work out!