Why is it EVER a good idea to ride a bike without a helmet?!

Warning: this post is going to be a rant about biking without helmets.

I was driving this morning and there were quite a few bikers out (good job, guys, during record low temperatures!) but so many were not wearing helmets. Traffic was crazy. There was a lot of it. And there were people helmet-free on bikes in traffic. WHY?! I cannot imagine even a single plausible scenario in which I would consider it an option to get on a bike without a helmet. Not one. I’ve been trying for about 4 hours now.

My dad had a saying that was about cars, but is completely applicable here: “They’re called accidents, not on purposes.” FOR A REASON.

Almost everyone I know who rides a bike has had a bike-related accident. Very experienced cyclists have accidents. They’re called accidents. A helmet can save your life. Maybe it’s just me, but I like living, and can’t think of anything more valuable than my life (or, at least, my brain) that would make not wearing a helmet worth it.

I have fallen off my bike. I know people who have been hit by cars. I know someone who has been in an accident with a skateboard. I know someone who’s been in an accident with a pedestrian. Rocks. Car doors. Red lights. Ice. Water. A bug. The sun. Seriously. Lots of things can cause very experienced bikers to have accidents.

Brain injuries are no joke. Some people never recover from them. Why wouldn’t you put a helmet on?