Crazy few days!

Wow, it’s been a crazy few days! Let’s start with the running! Last week, I decided for some reason that hilly routes are awesome. Why? I have no idea, but I did three really hilly runs during the week and then did 11 on Saturday. After the midweek runs, I was quite sore starting out Saturday morning. I had some quality time with my foam roller in the afternoon (I even fell off). Despite soreness, the run was great–three of us chatting the whole way made it go by very quickly.

And then it got even better, Elliot met me for breakfast! And then we went back to Fleet Feet and Elliot got new running shoes. Hopefully we can actually do a race together soon!

On Sunday, student organizers and and others came together to have a big protest and civil disobedience at the White House. Hundreds of students were arrested, there were fake oil spills, a rally, and lots of inspiration. For completely selfish reasons, it was fun to see so many former colleagues and other people in the movement.

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