Hardest yoga class ever.

I mistakenly went to a yoga class for “all levels” this morning. The class is supposedly “suitable for beginner through advanced students.” It was not. It was so hard that I thought I may have to leave. I’ve never left an exercise class before.

Stroga is a fancy specialty gym in Adams Morgan that I’ve been wanting to try but, since I already have a gym membership and pay to run with a group, it’s hard for me to justify spending more money to work out. So I was excited to see that Stroga has a deal on Groupon–10 classes for $39. Great deal. So I bought it and registered for the “all levels” class this morning.

Besides being oh so very hard, there were some good parts of the class. The room was big with high ceilings with windows all around. The music was good! Sometimes “yoga” music is a bit boring, but this instructor played Dave Matthews, Macy Gray, John Mayer, Outkast. Maybe this faster rock-ier music should have been a signal that is was going to be a faster, harder class! I think if I were at a level that I could have actually done the class, I would have really like the instructor, too.

I have been really pleased with myself that I’ve worked out six of the last seven days! But that means I’m pretty sore. I was hoping to go to yoga to stretch out and loosen up for my ten mile run tomorrow. Now I’m worried that class was so hard that I’m going to be sore tomorrow from yoga!

Based on my one experience (so far) at Stroga, I would recommend it to others, but make sure to read class descriptions VERY carefully and know what you’re going to. I still have nine more classes to use and I’m excited to try out some others like TRX. I did TRX in Ann Arbor for awhile and love it but haven’t done it since living here!