Meat, cheese, and ice cream…oh yeah, and a run

So, slowly but surely I’m getting back to a somewhat normal life. This has been a busy weekend! Good food, movies, a run, yoga, bowling, oh my!

Saturday started out sort of like a normal Saturday: with a run. But oh wait, I hadn’t dug my car out yet! With about a foot of snow this week, our parking lot was plowed but all the snow was pushed to our cars. It took me about half an hour to remove enough snow to be able to back my car out. And then I was  late for the run but luckily they hadn’t left just yet!

Our route got changed because of the snow so we did a loop around downtown that could be done multiple times depending how far everyone wanted to run. I just did it once. I hadn’t run since the last Saturday so I was content with just 5.5 miles. Soon after starting out, it started raining! After a couple miles I realized that the rain hurt–it had started freezing! And then, we finished the run in snow. Wowza! Through rain, sleet, and snow, we did better than the postal service this week!

One of the best parts of the weekend: I started my meat CSA again! So, to the cold rainy farmers’ market I went. I’ve been feeling a lack of meat in my life recently but it’s no secret that I care about where my meat comes from, so I’m very excited to start getting meat again. So, I added the meat to my freezer full of cheese (yes, you can freeze cheese and it comes out just as delicious!) and ice cream. Ben & Jerry’s had a Groupon for a punch card to get two pints of ice cream every month for a year. Best impulse buy I’ve ever made. I was going to link to it but I can’t find it now!

This afternoon I went to yoga again after many weeks off. It was another 75 minutes class and I like the instructor but why do they keep the rooms so hot for the regular (not heated) classes?! I’m feeling a bit over-fructosed today anyway so adding heat to an already upset stomach made for a rather unpleasant experience. Oh well, my muscles enjoyed  it at least.

How’s that for a disconnected, random things filled blog post? And I guess I was too busy or excited to take any photos to add this time. Oops!