8 miles – why didn’t I wear wool?!

This morning started with a grumpy Hannah. And nobody likes a grumpy Hannah. I snoozed my alarm. I think I have only ever done this once before. Damn running groups and accountability! The second time my alarm went off, I dragged myself out of bed, pulled on the good ol’ Under Armour and headed down to Adams Morgan.

Usually our Lincoln Memorial picture is from the other side!

Usually our Lincoln Memorial picture is from the other side!

We set out for eight miles, through Georgetown, down the Mt. Vernon Trail, and then Katya and I decided to improvise the way back so we crossed the Arlington Memorial Bridge, passed in front of the Lincoln Memorial, and headed back up that way. Nice to do a loop instead of an out and back! With our improvisation, we came in just under eight miles. Unfortunately, my watch ran out of battery. I love complaining about my watch, but this was my fault. I didn’t charge it long enough.

It was a great temperature for running–upper 20s! But I didn’t wear merino wool. If I haven’t shared my love of merino before, just know that I would only ever wear merino if I had unlimited sources of money. But I don’t. So, for some silly reason this morning I put on two non-wool layers! They are both supposedly tech shirts but boy was it cold when I stopped running. By the time I got home I was shivering and had no choice but to jump in a hot hot hot shower to warm up. Lesson learned: always wear wool.

And I followed it up with a tasty breakfast burrito that was so good I don’t even have a picture to share. A few days ago, a friend made me dinner and used jalapeños and I thought, “hmm, I like things spicy. Why don’t I use jalapeños?!” So I have been ever since. At least since 5:00 last night when I bought them. So, the burrito: jalapeños, mushrooms, refried black beans, eggs, cheese, and — I couldn’t resist — sour cream all wrapped up in a tortilla. Yummmm….

Now, a picture of my medal rack with a few new additions (sorry it’s so dark):

2014-02-08 11.22.33

My medals all mixed in with my dad’s.