Another benefit to being part of a running group

I ran this morning for the first time in 23 days! I made my way into DC and met up with my group for a little less than six miles. The marathoners did 18. Yikes, good thing I decided not to do a marathon in March. I’ve dropped my registration for the Virginia Beach Marathon down to the half. The run went really well! I felt pretty good and like I could run farther…if only I’d eaten something beforehand.

People think running is an individual sport, and it can be. But, for me, it’s very social. I have made some great friends running and look forward to seeing them at group runs. The last few weeks I’ve been reminded what a great running community I am a part of. I have received messages from good friends and some people I have barely even talked to. I got home a few days ago to have flowers on the table that running friends had sent me to be delivered just before I returned.

This morning I was really dreading going to the group run, but I’d already told Katya I’d be there so I pulled myself out of bed and set out. I was greeted by hugs, back rubs, and people saying they were glad to have me back, that they’d been thinking about me, they missed me. It made going worth it.

I’m hoping this doesn’t turn into a blog about how much having a dead dad sucks, but it may for awhile. Not because that’s my intent, but that’s where all of my focus is right now. But running helps me feel better, provides me something to do, and–importantly–has given me good friends to remind me that there are a lot of people who care about me. Running today was great. I’m very grateful to feel the warmth and support from everyone I run with or (more likely) behind. I’m looking forward to runs later this week. Finally.