Monthly Archive: February, 2014

Things I will miss about FUNemployment

I’m very actively on the job hunt right now. It’s a tiring process: find an awesome job, write a cover letter, tweak the resume, imagine myself working there, think through my commute (I… Continue reading

Hardest yoga class ever.

I mistakenly went to a yoga class for “all levels” this morning. The class is supposedly “suitable for beginner through advanced students.” It was not. It was so hard that I thought I… Continue reading


I’ve mentioned a couple times that I have lots of dietary restrictions. Really, there are just two, but they are big: I’m lactose and fructose intolerant. Lactose is pretty self-explanatory. Fructose not so… Continue reading

Meat, cheese, and ice cream…oh yeah, and a run

So, slowly but surely I’m getting back to a somewhat normal life. This has been a busy weekend! Good food, movies, a run, yoga, bowling, oh my! Saturday started out sort of like… Continue reading

Strong is the new skinny: Just another form of body shaming?

I really don’t like the language used in fitnesses classes, on gym posters, in “health” magazines, by people talking about getting “healthy” by cutting carbs, etc. I think it’s counterproductive. Why? Because like… Continue reading

8 miles – why didn’t I wear wool?!

This morning started with a grumpy Hannah. And nobody likes a grumpy Hannah. I snoozed my alarm. I think I have only ever done this once before. Damn running groups and accountability! The… Continue reading

Another benefit to being part of a running group

I ran this morning for the first time in 23 days! I made my way into DC and met up with my group for a little less than six miles. The marathoners did… Continue reading