75 Minutes of Yoga?!

What?! That’s right! I ventured down to the Dupont Circle location of Studio DC last night for a Gentle Yoga class. Thanks to Active Life DC I have a 5 class pass to use there. It’s a little funny that I won the yoga classes since I’m not yoga’s biggest fan. I’ve now used two of the classes and I think maybe–just maybe–I might start to like yoga.

I’ve been to the Adams Morgan and Dupont Circle locations and I liked both. But–BIG BUT–it’s so hot! They do hot yoga classes but I have not done hot classes but it’s still so hot in those rooms!!! I think it’s probably close to 80 degrees. Way too hot for exercise!

The Adam’s Morgan class I did was in a pretty small room. I think there were 9 of us total and we were pretty much mat to mat. The instructor was great and took us through a lot of different poses that focused a lot on hips, which I super greatly appreciated!

Last night’s class at the Dupont Circle location was also good. The room was bigger and there were more people in the class and she announced at the beginning that it was a 75 minute class! Oh my! I guess I didn’t pay attention to that on the website. Fortunately, it was a good class, again full of lots of hip stretches, and I felt really good coming out of it.

Overall, I think I preferred the Adams Morgan location more. I’m not sure where I’ll use the rest of my classes…I like going on Sundays because of my running schedule, but those classes are in Dupont so I’ll have to wait and see how I’m feeling! I would consider paying for classes at Studio DC after my free classes run out but by the time I leave home, do the class and get back home it’s 2.5 or 3 hours and that just seems like too much time to give to yoga a couple times a week.