2014 Goals

A photo I took on a run in Istanbul this summer. Maybe some more scenic runs in 2014?

A photo I took on a run in Istanbul this summer. Maybe some more scenic runs in 2014?

Anyone who knows me well knows I think New Years Resolutions are silly. If you want to improve something, why wait until the New Year?! Start now! Well, I guess now is the new year. Anyway, I do think goal setting is important and as I’m gearing up for a pretty intense year as far as racing is concerned (and probably other things too…somehow I’ll be graduating!), I have spent the last several weeks thinking about my goals for the coming year.

One of the most common pieces of advice I see when reading about training is to set goals and to share them (okay, this is true beyond just athletic training), so here are some of my goals for 2014 and how I hope to achieve them. Later on, I’ll share my proposed 2014 race calendar.

Primary goals:

  1. Complete the Shamrock Marathon and enjoy it. I don’t have a firm time goal, but instead would like to feel strong and capable throughout the race.
  2. Be a faster on my bike before my June triathlon. I’m pretty comfortable and confident, but am not very fast. Especially focus on not losing so much speed on hills.
  3. This is a building block goal. Complete a couple olympic distance triathlons this summer, learn the ropes of transition, and gain confidence to complete a half ironman in 2015.

Secondary goals:

  1. Half marathon PR. This means a pace faster than 10:30. Most of my recent shorter mid-week runs have been faster than this so I’m confident I can do it.
  2. Swim faster! I’ve become pretty confident in the pool and can swim for an hour pretty easily, but I’m still not very fast.

To achieve these goals, I need to:

  1. Train smart. Follow my training plan and don’t miss workouts without a damn good reason but be flexible and willing to change if something isn’t working.
  2. Stay focused.
  3. Continue strength training 2-3 days a week.
  4. Swim regularly (duh) and seek help/advice from friends who are more experienced swimmers.
  5. Instead of just going out for rides, have a plan/goal for many workouts.

If I were super wealthy, I would love to hire a triathlon coach. There is a DC Triathlon Club and they have training programs, but I think I’m somewhere between the beginner and half ironman programs they offer. I love my running program and think I get sufficient personal attention from the coaches there but I think with multisport it would be helpful to have someone who can tailor my training plan and workouts to help me in the areas where I need more focus and to help push me harder than I probably will on my own. But, I don’t have a few hundred extra dollars per much for a personal coach.

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