Traveling and Running

So I’ve been traveling for more than a week now. Wowza. It’s been fun, but I’m ready to sleep in my own bed tomorrow night.

I’m pretty proud of myself that I’ve run every day that I’m supposed to. I haven’t done any cross training except long days in the car (…that counts for mental toughness, right?) but my skin is enjoying some time away from the chlorine. And, unfortunately, I’ve been really bad at taking pictures so this is a boring picture-free post.

My friend Jessica met me to run the weekend before Christmas. We didn’t quit make it ten miles, but did 8 tough miles in slightly more icy conditions than we were expecting. Then I had to do two days on the dreadmill after setting out and realizing it was super slippery! Extra points for, once again, mental toughness.

Then two outside runs in Iowa City. Tough runs again with hills and snow and unshoveled sidewalks. It’s surprisingly difficult to come up with routes in neighborhoods you haven’t run in for a few years!

Yesterday I set out for 11 miles but my Nike+ SportWatch never found satellites so I just decided to run for how long I thought 11 miles would take…except that I didn’t actually know what time I started so there was lots of estimating happening. I felt strong, like I could keep going but I thought I’d done about 11 miles and I had awesome bowling plans so I finished up and went inside to learn that I’d done 9.5. Oh well, I know I could have done the extra mile and a half.

I’m excited to be back home this week to get back to swimming and do group workouts again. Running more than a few miles is so much easier with a group! Not that long ago, I wouldn’t have expected myself to ever say that but now it makes such a huge difference.