Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the winter wonderland known as Iowa! We’re definitely having a white Christmas and it is glorious! I love snow. A lot. And I love John Lennon, so here’s a Christmas song for you:

This isn’t really a Christmas-y post, but oh well. Let’s talk about my GPS watch. I bought it in May after deciding I’d had too many close calls with my iPhone getting wet either from rain or sweat. After reading reviews, I settled on a Nike + SportWatch. Mostly because I thought it was prettier than the Garmins I was thinking about. It seemed like they were pretty equally matched based on accuracy and likeability. After I bought it, of course, I started seeing more reviews by people who didn’t like it.

After having the watch for almost eight months, I’m not happy with it. It can take a long time to find satellites. It is understandable that it takes longer to link in a city, but sometimes it can’t find them at all. A couple people have recommended that I hook it up to my computer before running. Every time. It does work better when I do this but, come on, that’s just bad technology. It’s ridiculous to have to sync it every time I want to use it.

I have also had problems with accuracy. It can be as much as 10% off which is a whole lot, especially when doing a speed workout and seeing that your average pace is way slower than it felt while running…only to realize later it’s because the distance was way off.

I had some trouble with connecting the watch this summer. It would charge. The watch and cable weren’t connecting for some reason so I contacted Nike and explained the situation. They had very good customer service and I had a new watch in just a few days. I was very impressed by the response! Unfortunately, the new watch has the same accuracy and slow issues as its predecessor so I’m not happy with it and would love to get a new watch when my budget is a little less tight.